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Elaine Thomas Interiors

“Your life should be lived to the fullest, and your environment is where it should be enjoyed.” – Mimi Zackery

I launched Elaine Thomas Interiors in 1996 offering framed art to help people make their walls come alive. Within a few years we added residential and commercial cleaning, staging homes for sale, decorating and interior painting. I used my parents middle names as the brand for my company out of gratitude for bringing me into the world to share my gifts and talents.

In 2008 something happened that many of us didn’t see coming.  The real estate industry that held up the economy for so long just seem to crash overnight.  And because everyone else was losing jobs and businesses, my business took a nose dive as well.

After recovering I decided to do more of what I’m passionate about which is working with fabric.  We now specialize in custom hand and machine finished window coverings, bedding, pillows and shower curtains that are made to compliment any style home.

Our production team is one of the best located in North Georgia and boasts over 40 years of experience producing custom window coverings.

We use fresh combinations of texture, pattern and color to create beautiful products to meet the specific needs of each individual client. By paying attention to each and every detail of a project, we are able to meticulously transform the design vision into reality.  Your Satisfaction is ALWAYS Guaranteed.

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 Partners for Prosperity International

Well Paid Women

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.

And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” ~ Jim Rohn


Partners for Prosperity International and Well Paid Women were born after stepping onto the edge of financial & physical ruin. Having experienced a complete turn-around I’m happy to report that we’ve helped hundreds of people get healthier and earn residual income, creating more freedom, fulfillment and prosperity in their lives.

Our mission is to free people from physical and financial pain and help them live life on their own terms.  We partnered with a phenomenal wellness organization in the home based business profession to help us achieve this goal.  We have a simple system that is easy to duplicate and it works. Our organization has co-created over 100 six figure income earners and over 25 millionaires. We thrive on positivity, personal growth and living a healthy fulfilled life.

Does being able to live life on your own terms align with your life’s mission and values? Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Do you have a great work ethic, enjoy traveling, love decorating and living in a well put-together home? Do you enjoy working for a cause and helping people? If so let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

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 Get In Those Jeans™

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Gandhi


Jeans, how many pair do you own that are too tight or so small that they won’t even pull up over your butt? Imagine putting both legs in, sliding them up and buttoning them with ease.  The system we use at Get In Those Jeans™ isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and community that you can depend on to help you become the best version of yourself.

It’s a lifestyle that will give your body a chance to look and feel it’s all time best.

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The best way is to use the contact form. I am always striving to up my game and I’d love to hear from you. If there is anything that I can do to better your experience with me or if you have anything to share, don’t hesitate to let me know! I will respond to emails within 24-48 business hours. If you want to stay in touch on a regular basis, sign up for my free newsletter.