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Humbled. Grateful. Happy.


1 Jermaine Marie

What I love about Mimi is she’s always committed to helping people succeed. Whenever a person can effortlessly without excuses match your efforts by 110%, that in itself speaks volume about one’s character.

Jermaine E. | Entrepreneur

Working with Mimi has been absolutely AMAZING!! Mimi is someone who knows where she is going and has the skill set to get there. She is one of the most driven and caring persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. In partnering with Mimi, she has been able to mentor and help my husband and I go from near bankruptcy in just 14 months to a 6 figure income. If you have the opportunity to partner with Mimi, I recommend doing just that!

Delisa C.  | Entrepreneur

Mimi Zackery is a force to be reckoned with. She is genuine, kind hearted and always willing to serve. Her tenacious stick-to-it attitude is one to be admired. Her energy and desire to help are contagious. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Mimi will be forever changed.

Kike-Lola O. | Entrepreneur

I would like to express my highest respect and appreciation for Mimi Zackery. It has been a true blessing working with her. She is always committed to helping other people succeed. She has help me build a strong business mindset and has the skills and knowledge to help anyone become a successful entrepreneur. She is always there to offer me outstanding support. Mimi is energetic and very goal oriented. She is a persistent and diligent person when it comes to helping you achieve your goals. I am confident if you partner with Mimi that you too will find great success!

Melissa K. | Registered Nurse + Entrepreneur

Mimi Zackery is one of the most positive influences in my life. She is intelligent and kind. I am stronger in my business as well as in my personal life because of her support and guidance. I am lucky to now call her my friend.

Karen K. | Entrepreneur

Lyn Wallace

Mimi has truly been a blessing to my family. We partnered with her in business a little over a year ago and have been very happy. She is totally committed to helping others. She is also very involved in her local community. Mimi has showed us her commitment by helping us replace my income in a short period of time. She would be a tremendous asset to helping anyone interested in making extra income. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lyn W. | Entrepreneur


Mimi Zackery is focused persistent and has an unquenchable desire for helping others attain high levels of achievement. These are the trademarks of great leadership. Mimi will take you to high levels of success; I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

O’Neil C. | Entrepreneur


Mimi Zackery is a force to reckon with! She’s managed to simultaneously turn multiple passions into profitable businesses and makes no apologies for it! I have personally learned from her how important it is to not just master the creative aspect of business but the analytical side as well.

Jamye B. | Entrepreneur

1 Kelly

Mimi is a breath of fresh air, and as genuine as they come. Her integrity and deep-seeded faith in humanity are unshakeable and her desire to coach others to help them transform their health and their money story is tenacious. A woman of impeccable character, who I love working with, who supports my journey, and who I am blessed to call friend.

Kelly C. | Entrepreneur

Mimi is one of the most tenacious entrepreneurs I know. I met her many years ago, and have watched her excel at any endeavor she puts her mind to. I believe her genuine commitment to service and helping others is the driving force behind her success. On top of that the woman has a heart of gold and sincerely aspires to be a blessing to others.

AnJeanette C. | Entrepreneur

Mimi Zackery is an amazing leader; her will to win and a burning desire to continue helping others is remarkable. I believe that her continuous activity in personal development has helped her become the person that she is today. I’m grateful to have her as a coach, friend and accountability partner.

Orlando V. | Entrepreneur

I always call Mimi who has mentored me on marketing – Masterful Mimi. She is just that and so generous with her time and giving of her expertise and talents – all to help others. I am grateful for her!

Sara K. | Entrepreneur

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