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I'm Mimi Zackery, a girl from Atlanta with a slight obsession for well dressed windows, one pot meals, and Marie Kondo's way of tidying up! Here is where I blog about the home, intentional living, entrepreneurship, wellness, style and a little in-between. If that's your thing, hop on the newsletter list so you never miss a thing.

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Personal Convo’s

  • 3 Ways to Build Self Confidence

    Let's talk about 3 ways to build self confidence so that you can stop playing small, and be the person you know you are destined to be. Several factors can determine someone’s confidence, including ...

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    3 Ways to Build Self Confidence
  • Sheroes Next Door

    When Subarana Gupta contacted me to share her project SHEROES NEXT DOOR and to see if I was a good fit to be apart of her book, I was excited for her and reluctant to be apart of it at the same time. ...

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    Sheroes Next Door
  • How I Recovered from a Financial Setback

    Today is a gorgeous day, and I feel so good, I’m sitting on my patio watching my niece and her friends play in the pool as I reflect over my life and the past five years. It wasn’t very long ago ...

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    How I Recovered from a Financial Setback
  • How Awareness Can Change Your Life

    How I changed my life and started experiencing happiness. (2008-2011) I experienced severe depression. I was broken, physically, mentally and financially. I was so unhappy with my life and like many ...

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    How Awareness Can Change Your Life